Project Appeal

We are appealing for funding support to our Nursing home that is housing close to 30 children with terminal illness, and some with permanent physical disabilities. Support this project via .

Detailed project brief


Children with chronic diseases go through a lot of suffering as their parents grieve for a child’s lifetime in rural Uganda where expertise pediatric care is unavailable. This project aims at providing social care and support to 24 children in Kinyamaseke children’s Nursing center with longstanding ailments like Cerebral palsy, Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Hirchisprungs disease; provide expertise pediatric medical care to these children, and offer psycho-social support to their parents and families.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

With high prevalence rate of HIV in Kasese district, and environmental pollution from cobalt mining, there are now increasing cases of children being born with HIV, cancer, Hirschisprungs disease and cerebral palsy. Children with them need a life-long care and support which can not be affordable to parents in this rural area. Kinyamaseke children Nursing home is housing 24 needy children who really need the palliative care that the center offers, their parents can not afford the medical costs.

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will: – Provide feeding, clothing, and other forms of social care to these children. – Support the Nursing center to have sufficient palliative care medications, consumables, and supplies to cater for the needy and children from socio-economically poor backgrounds. – Facilitate periodic visits to the Nursing center for a consultant oncologist, Neurologist, and pediatrician on a periodic basis. – Provide psycho-social support to the parents of the ailing children.

Potential Long Term Impact

– Increase the capacity of the Nursing center to offer good palliative care services to the community as a whole. – Reduce suffering and avert near death for the targeted 24 children; and provide courage to their families for continuous care. -Extend high quality and expertise medical care to rural children in Kasese district



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