Short Summary

Hi everyone we are the Allied Initiatives for Community Development, a sustainable development charity in Uganda. With governments not keen on cubing carbon emissions from human economic activities; atmospheric carbon levels will be on the increase. This will cause a constant increase in the global atmospheric temperatures (global warming). This automatically mean more disastrous flood, hurricanes, and tsunamis with their associated human sufferings and death. BUT we can prevent this by each one of us owning a tree in vast free land spaces in the world. The tree you  will own will consume a considerable volume of carbon from the atmosphere and protect the world from global warming. We have secured thousands of acres of land for everyone to own a tree in our “OWN A TREE CAMPAIGN”  

What We Need & What You Get

We are looking for US $ 50,000 to start our 1 billion trees campaign. We are encouraging everyone to own a tree in our 1,423 acres of land. The funds raised will go to the planting and maintenance of trees. Contributors will in turn own the trees planted; have their names inscribed on the trees planted in numbers that re commensurate to the funds contributed. 

The Impact

The ultimate impact of this campaign is to re-forest the bare lands in Africa to reduce the atmospheric carbon levels; and reverse the global warming trends in the world.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share this in your networks, and give us a shout o

your networks, and give us a shout o


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