Putting medical care at the door steps of community members

Stories of patients lining up for hours, absence of drugs, and quack doctors cheating patients seeking healthcare in Uganda’s health centers and hospitals have been occupying mass media headlines since early 2001. This was when cost sharing was abolished in public hospitals. Public health facilities in Uganda have totally failed to meet the expectations and healthcare needs of Ugandan citizens. This scenario is totally different to the lucky clients that are served by our health.

The health service delivery model at AICD is a provider-driven process whereby community members are supported to have unlimited access to high quality Medicare services. The robust community health care service that among other things conducts a series of healthcare outreaches, and sets up community health structures is the best approach that AICD adopted to increase the scale, reach, and impact of its health care services on to the community members.

Community health structures, that is, the community health volunteers, and safe motherhood promoters are charged with Community Information management, Health Promotion and Education; Mobilization of communities for utilization of health services and health action; Simple community case management and follow up of major killer diseases (Malaria, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia) and emergencies; and Care of the newborn and Distribution of health commodities. The help the clinical team based at the five health centres to receive well informed clients to receive appropriate clinical care and management of their diseases on time.

This is a very nice health system, that other social service providers and NGO’s need to adopt and support the people they serve to have a full access to quality healthcare in Uganda.


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